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CBP Medical Spine Care

Low back pain is one of the most distressing health concerns that Americans face. Our CBP Medical Spine Correction means a shorter course of treatment for pain relief (almost half the time) and amazing results!

This is a unique form of chiropractic which involves treatment to reduce scar tissue in your muscles and ligaments in conjunction with remodeling your spine to its appropriate alignment and strengthening your muscles to support your improved posture. Our technique works and it is proven!

We are doing spinal structural correction in a way that no other clinic in Arlington Heights does and only very few in the country can do! Patients experience back pain relief in phase one, correction of the spinal structure in phase two and strengthening and stabilizing for long term correction in phase three.

  • 70% have significant improvement after 12 visits (one month)
  • 90% have significant improvement after 24 visits (two months)

CBP Medical Spine Correction can be your answer to back pain relief without having to undergo invasive surgery. Our chiropractic care is a safe and highly effective solution to your back pain and in many ways superior to the more conventional approaches in modern medicine.

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