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“An Excellent Trilogy of Medical Practitioners!”

My name is Steve. I am 65 years of age and have had considerable experience with medical professionals throughout my life. The medical complications that I was facing in February of 2015 were three: slipped discs, failing kidneys and wildly unstable blood pressure issues. To say the least – I generally felt poorly every day and was quite frustrated in trying to deal with these physical stresses. Here is a recording of my experiences with the health professionals at the Momentum Health Center of Arlington Heights (formerly known as: Advance Health Institute of Arlington Heights, Illinois).

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Lindy Camardella L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MSTOM
I was not a stranger to the benefits of acupuncture. Due to my kidney complications I cannot take any medications to alleviate pain – any pain – from a simple sinus headache to the constant pain brought about by slipped discs. So for years I have seen an acupuncturist and have benefitted greatly from his technique. Several of my family members had received treatment from Lindy Camardella and in February of 2015 when I slipped a few discs (again) they insisted that I schedule an appointment with her. I did. Believe me when I say that I was in pain. I could barely walk, sit or lay down. My wife had to drive me to the appointments and I remember it took me around 8 minutes to just get out of the car. Well, I proceeded to see Lindy three times a week. She first miraculously alleviated the intense back pain. Within 6 visits I had regained the ability to walk and lay down for short periods. Although I still could not sit with any level of comfort, Lindy felt I was doing well enough to be introduced to work with Dr. Mike Dziurgot, the chiropractor at the Advance Health Institute of Arlington Heights. I will speak more about Dr. Mike a little later.   As I continued acupuncture treatment for my back pain, Lindy simultaneously began treating me for my high blood pressure. Within another couple of weeks my blood pressure numbers began stabilizing within normal ranges. Then Lindy Camardella began treating me to help improve my kidney functionality. In the seventh week of acupuncture treatment by Lindy I had to take my quarterly “kidney test” and the doctor said that although my kidney function numbers had been going down quite regularly – they seemed to be holding. He said, “Steve, you must understand that the threat of having to put you on dialysis is still very real. Yes your numbers are stable right now, but your overall trend has been downwards. Going forward we will need to monitor you more frequently.” I continued with receiving treatment from Lindy for blood pressure control and kidney functionality and did go back for another “kidney test” in three weeks and the numbers were still stable. I continued seeing Lindy for a total of 12 weeks. There is no doubt that it was Lindy Camardella’s skills as an acupuncturist that created a basis for my body to begin healing. I highly recommend Lindy Camardella L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MSTOM as an acupuncturist of great skill and a wonderful and caring health practitioner.

Mike Dziurgot, Doctor of Chiropractic
There are many types of medical practitioners that I have been treated by in my lifetime, but I never had been treated by a chiropractor until I met Dr. Mike Dziurgot. As mentioned above, the acupuncturist, Lindy Camardella, introduced me to Dr. Mike because I had been suffering from a few slipped discs. Dr. Mike, as everyone calls him, immediately put me at ease about being treated. Needless to say, he bent me, pushed on me, pulled me and massaged me all in a gentle way that allowed me to leave each time from his work bench feeling better and better. After a series of chiropractic treatments that extended over several weeks I regained both physical stability and the ability to walk, sit and lay down without pain. The first set of x-rays we took showed the protruding discs. The second set of x-rays we took showed that the discs had just about completely returned to where they should be – in line with my spine. Like with Lindy, I was treated by Dr. Mike 3 times a week for about 6 weeks. My visitations were reduce in the following 3 weeks and I now see Dr. Mike periodically for what he calls “adjustments”. I was also introduced to his decompression traction equipment that helped me gain the ability to comfortably develop a back exercising routine to strengthen my back and maintain flexibility. Does it all work? Absolutely. I can now walk for miles, sit for hours without pain and get some sleep. Dr. Mike has both the knowledge and skill to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Mike as a fine chiropractic doctor who has both the knowledge and skill to heal.

Jadi Engels, MA, CHC, RYT
One day, after receiving an adjustment by Dr. Mike, I asked him if he knew anyone I could talk to about diet because of my kidney difficulties. Well, this is how I got introduced to Jadi Engels.   I recall going into our first meeting with some doubt. You see, I had tried working with a few professional dieticians in the past and had never seem to accomplish much. Within about 15 minutes into our first meeting I believed that this woman knew what she was doing. Jadi explained that we would have a total of 12 meetings (once every 2 weeks) to both discuss my dietary behavior and to become properly educated about food. I will admit that the process of recording my food intake was, for me, quite laborious, but Jadi’s constant encouragement to do so made the process possible. Interestingly I thought I was doing a decent job of managing my food intake before I met Jadi. This was not the case. Truth be told I was ignorant as to what I was eating and how it was affecting my health. Admittedly, half way into our sessions, I realized that although I have been a well-educated man, I had a lot of incorrect information about the food I was eating. So as I worked with Jadi on my dietary alterations some amazing things started to happen. I began to have increased energy, lose weight and generally feel better. Now I will be the first to admit that it was not easy for me to make the big dietary alterations I needed to make – but Jadi’s constant encouragement and assistance made it possible. With kidney complications I have learned that diet plays a much bigger role in my general health condition than anything else. One factor that was crucial for me were the glucose levels I had. Jadi really educated me on all things sugar and has literally turned my life around. My glucose A1C numbers went from 8.6 to 6.1 in just about 8 weeks! My sessions with Jadi Engels was ended a little more than 3 months ago. I have just gone through another extensive battery of tests and all my body chemistry health indicators are well within normal ranges. Even though the threat of further kidney complications always remains real for me, both my doctors and I are amazed at what has been accomplished under Jadi’s guidance. In just a little over 6 months, my overall kidney functionality has improved a whopping 50%! The essence of what Jadi has given me was a factual and a lifelong education on the food I should choose to eat and wiser health management techniques. Would I recommend Jadi Engels? Let me put it this way: many may look at Jadi Engels and see a woman of small stature, when I look at Jadi, I see her as a giant among health practitioners. Jadi Engels is a truly fine, compassionate and knowledgeable health practitioner and I highly recommend her.

– Steve

“Marked improvement in me!”

I came to Advanced Health Institute three weeks ago because I was in pain and needed to have chiropractic treatment and massages from someone I could walk to.They did an evaluation on me and within three weeks I have noted marked improvement in me. My sinuses are draining. The exercises are helping my lower back and there have been times where the alignment in my neck and back has already been dead on. I know that when my treatments are done, I will be much better off than when I walked in, if not cured of my aliments.

– D.J.W.

I only wished I would have seen him sooner!”

I remember when I got pregnant a year ago, it was one of the most pleasurable moments of my life. That’s until I hit the 5th month of my pregnancy. I was waking up every morning with severe upper and lower back pain. I met with my local physician and he advised me to just rest and take Tylenol. That wasn’t enough. I was still working at the time and just laying down all day was not an option. My curiosity led me to go to Advanced Health Institute. I have never been to a chiropractor and now I only wished I would have seen him sooner. He took the time to explain how his techniques would not affect my pregnancy and made me feel extremely safe. My daughter is now a few months old and I still continue to go there. They help me maintain my new healthy lifestyle.

– J.C.

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